UNHiNGED Print is a pioneering publication platform that revitalizes zine culture by spotlighting new, diverse voices in the art and literary worlds. Founded in May of 2023 by two Tel Avivian artists, we embrace works from both unknown and established creators, offering a fresh perspective through projects that range from photographic voyages to introspective narratives. 

Our goal is to create a space for artists to print and gain recognition and be part of a community in a world that is more and more digital.  Each of our projects is a printed piece in a limited number - exhibitions and get togethers to celebrate upcoming artists and the amazing community that we can create together.

With a commitment to diversity and innovation, UNHiNGED Print is carving out a unique space for artists to share their stories, making it a beacon for those seeking to explore the uncharted territories of contemporary creativity.
UNHiNGED Print  - Edition 1:  "Who is Going Down on Migdal Shalom"
Launched in May 2023, this 40-page, black and white publication delves into the vibrant, often hidden facets of intimacy and identity, making it an essential read for those captivated by contemporary art and cultural narratives.
Explore the intimate intersections of masculinity and art in Tel Aviv with the first edition of UNHiNGED Print amd our first formal publication, a collaborative zine featuring insights from 23 artists and writers. 
Half an Hour b4 Departure
Dive into "Half an Hour b4 Departure," a photobook by Elijah Kagan that captures the ephemeral beauty of maritime life through stunning black and white photography. Inspired by the legends of photography, Kagan’s 115-page voyage reveals the profound moments of seafaring life, offering a unique lens on the world that combines art with adventure. 

First showcased in a 2023 exhibition, this collection is a must-see for those intrigued by the sea's untold stories.
Porto Oh, Porto
A pocket sized booklet collection of poetry, illustrations and black and white film photography reflecting on the city of Oporto after a week long trip in June of 2023 by Adam Karev (AKA Ink Boi).
 The booklet was first published in July of 2023 in 
a very limited number.
Collections I Keep : A study of Home
Our second publication with Adam Karev, this 65 page booklet is an exploration of "Home," blending essays, photography, illustrations, and collages to examine how personal collections shape our sense of identity and solace. Born from a collaboration with the Tel Aviv Municipality, this work invites readers into the intimate spaces of home, reflecting on the constructs of contemporary living.
First published in August of 2023 in 
a very limited quantity.
UNHiNGED Print  - Edition 2: "Lost Playgrounds"
"Lost Playgrounds," the second edition of UNHiNGED Print, published in October 2023, offers a colorful journey through the complexities of childhood across 60+ pages.
 With contributions from over 30 international artists, this edition blends essays, art, and cinema to explore the moments that shape us, presenting a unique look at the forces that mold our identities. It's an artistic and reflective examination perfect for anyone intrigued by the landscapes of our formative years.
Would You Still Love Me if I was a Bug?
Sofia Zilberbord's debut presented by UNHiNGED Print in February 2024 weaves a complex tapestry of love, identity, and the essence of our deepest fears. 
This thought-provoking short story, enriched with the evocative illustrations by Lena Kozlova, invites readers into the life of the narrator and his peculiar obsession with bugs—a metaphorical exploration of the uncertainties and transformations inherent in relationships and self-discovery.

While many of the original physical copies are no longer available of these publications, digital only downloads are available at our online store.
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