Welcome UNHiNGED Artists, our weekly spotlight dedicated to the incredible artists who have journeyed with us. 
UNHiNGED Print isn’t merely a publication; it’s a vibrant hub for creatives united by their passion for expression and innovation. This series is our tribute to the myriad of talents and visionary minds that have contributed to our collective, showcasing the diversity and richness of our artistic community.
Elijah Kagan
Launching our series is Elijah Kagan, our co-editor and renowned photographer, whose keen eye for the subtleties of daily life transforms the mundane into the extraordinary. Through his lens, Elijah captures the essence of the moment, offering a narrative that’s both profound and relatable. His commitment to UNHiNGED Print from the early days, starting with the 'Lost Playgrounds' edition, has been instrumental in shaping our identity and expanding our reach.
Elijah envisions UNHiNGED as a dynamic platform for artist interviews, portfolio showcases, and compelling visual narratives, spotlighting local art scenes and encouraging collaboration. His aim is to not only highlight individual achievements but also to weave a collective tapestry that reflects our shared aspirations and dreams.
As we embark on this weekly journey, we invite you to delve into the stories of those who've left an indelible mark on our pages. From Elijah Kagan's evocative captures to the unique contributions of many others, UNHiNGED Artists is your gateway to exploring the depths of creativity that define us. Stay tuned for more features, and join us in celebrating the talent and creativity of our past collaborators. For a closer look at Elijah’s work and the visions that drive him, visit his portfolio at https://readymag.com/u3399605105/blackiswhite/ or his work on one of his two instagram accounts @elijah.kagan or @decisive.instant
Through UNHiNGED Artists, we're not just reminiscing; we're reigniting the spark of creativity and collaboration that is the hallmark of our community. 

All photos presented belong to Elijah Kagan ©.
Lena Kozlova
Continuing our exploration with UNHiNGED Artists, our weekly series that celebrates the creative spirits who have graced our pages. 

This week, we’re thrilled to spotlight Lena Kozlova, a versatile artist whose work defies easy categorization. Lena joined us as the illustrator for our latest publication, Sofia Zilberbord’s (@zilberbord_) 'Would you still love me if I was a bug', bringing the story to life with her unique visual language. Lena’s artistry extends beyond the canvas; she is a tattoo artist who also excels in illustration, textile, embroidery, ceramics, and more. 

'It might sound a bit pretentious, but it was always hard for me to find one term to describe what I’m up to and even harder to focus on one thing. I think my main object of study are people - their bodies and skin, their problems, thoughts, and trying to be helpful in one way or another. My strategy is doing everything at the same time and trying to find intersections of those activities.'

Follow Lena’s journey and delve deeper into her multifaceted world by following her on Instagram @porfarfor or @portaktak. Her work not only showcases her talent but also her commitment to exploring the intersections of her diverse activities.

Join us as we continue to unveil the stories behind UNHiNGED Artists. Each week, we'll introduce you to another incredible talent from our community, celebrating the creativity and collaboration that fuel our collective spirit. Lena Kozlova’s contributions exemplify the essence of what makes our collective so special. Stay tuned for more inspiring features.
Ofir Marom (Lo Kef Li)
This week, UNHiNGED Artists takes a dive into the world of Ofir Marom, an artist who embodies the paradoxical blend of humor and introspection, artfully navigating the delicate balance between self-deprecation and profound self-expression. Known artistically as Lo Kef Li – in Hebrew, “I’m not having fun” – Marom brings a unique perspective to the forefront, one deeply rooted in the exploration of everyday human conditions and the complexities that lie within.

In their creative journey, Lo Kef Li ventures across multiple mediums, engaging with illustration, comics, and, more recently, the craft of making cardboard masks. These masks are not mere art pieces; they are symbols of resilience, playful yet protective armor forged in moments of vulnerability. "Whenever I feel too fragile for the world, I go home and build myself a new armor," Marom shares, inviting us to consider the masks as a metaphor for the defenses we all construct in response to our own challenges.

Marom’s life also encompasses their role as the Riso operator at the Pyramida Arts Center in Haifa (@pyramida.print), where their technical expertise meets their creative vision, and as a co-editor of the Asteroid Zine alongside Rina Baruch (@rina1525). 
Like UNHiNGED Print, Asteroid Zine bridges creative worlds, pairing writers and illustrators in beautifully handcrafted monthly editions, all Riso printed and bound by hand. Follow their collective journey at @asteroid.zines.

You can explore the depths of Lo Kef Li's artistic exploration and their various ventures at @lo.kef.li. Join us in delving into the work that challenges and redefines our perceptions of everyday life, one illustration, comic, and one mask at a time.
Adi Shraga​​​​​​​
Introducing Adi Shraga, this weeks UNHiNGED Artist. Shraga joined us in our second edition, “Lost Playgrounds.” For a decade, Shraga has captured the essence of Israel through her lens as an independent photographer, with a particular focus on the women in her life, drawing inspiration, beauty, and form from their presence.

Shraga shares, “My photography is a mirror to my world, reflecting the women around me, my daily life, and the people and streets I encounter in my wanderings. It’s about observing, feeling, and capturing moments across various subjects—from portraits and fashion to the simple beauty of everyday meals.”

You can dive deeper into Adi Shraga’s diverse portfolio, a testament to her keen eye and versatile approach to photography, on her website at adishagra33.com or follow her visual journey on Instagram @adishraga33
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